Category: The Puppy Chronicles- Adventures in Poop Rolling and Other Unsavoury Habits of The Fur Children

On raising puppies, and the furchildren we have had and now have and the adventures that have become our lives

How Our Dogs Taught Me to Chill About My Housekeeping

There was a time, seemingly forever ago, that I actually kept a pretty tidy and pristine home, everything in order, and staged for visual appeal. Martha Stewart would be proud. This was a time where cleaning was a stress reliever, and the cleaner my home was, the better I felt about things in other areas of life that were causing me… Read more →

How We Almost Failed Puppy Classes

Once I managed to get Jackson through the first few weeks of kennel training, not without many sleepless nights, we then embarked on what I laughingly refer to as “Puppy Obedience Classes”. I remember with fondness how excited I was to take him. He would socialize, play, and learn good manners and etiquette. I would without doubt have the best… Read more →

The Poop-Imbibing Chocolate Lab (And How I Lost All Pride)

Poo. I’ll just let you settle in for a moment, with that visual. That’s right…Poo. As I sit and wonder how on earth to begin this twisted little monologue, I first think how vastly different we are from our canine friends, in terms of our relationship to fecal matter. (If you are disgusted now, just wait. It gets even better).… Read more →

Giant Lumps on the Hoo-Ha – The Reality of Caring for Your Dog’s Surgery Site

This chapter could easily have been called, “How I developed Turretts” or “Life in the Canine Triage MASH Unit”. After the grisly discovery of a baseball sized lump on Jackson’s John Thomas, the next step of course was surgery. $700 later (and no, they do not include Vaseline with that purchase, you must supply your own) we have a 4… Read more →

On Raising Puppies: This was Not in the Manual

I researched it for 6 months. I read books, I familiarized myself with the breed, through friends who had one, I saved my pennies, I visited several breeders, and then – the day finally came to take home my Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy! Oh the joy, the utter joy of picking up my little “man”. It was a sunny day,… Read more →

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