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The Lifetime Struggle With Perfectionism and Learning To Be Kinder to Myself

Perfectionism – a personal standard, attitude, or philosophy that demands perfection and rejects anything less. I am very familiar with the concept of Perfectionism, having struggled almost my entire adult life with it on various levels. I have found it to be  rather like an oversized bag of heavy rocks that attaches itself to my back, that weighs me down, and prevents… Read more →

To Have, or Not To Have….Kids

“Are you going to have children?” This was a question posed by many well-meaning acquaintances approximately one second after our vows were exchanged. At the age of 43. That’s right. FORTY-THREE. It seemed everywhere we went as a couple, we were asked the same question. I was actually astounded. I can see 20 year olds getting that question, when the eggs are fresh… Read more →

Beauty in the Simple Things

As I struggle to get through the long gray days of Canadian Winter, I find myself longing more and more for the sunshine and color that pops out in the solace of our garden each Spring and Summer. I am reminded of the lovely little visitor we had last summer, who alighted on our Little Kim Lilac shrub, which was in full… Read more →

Black Friday Gives Me Hives

As this week crawled steadily forward to the infamous Black Friday Shopping Orgy Extravaganza that happens once a year following Thanksgiving in the U.S., I found myself feeling the need to hunker down and shut my ears and eyes to the online advertisements, and marketing ploys vying for my already very limited span of attention. Any company I have ever ordered online from, gave me almost a… Read more →

I Love Words…and I Am Done Apologizing For It

I was bullied once as a young teen for my love of language and words. I was literally threatened by a co-worker of the Movie Theatre I worked in as a young teenager, for using words, big words – not because I was trying to show off, but because I have always loved language and word usage. Also I started… Read more →

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