Category: Musings On Marriage

Musings about Marriage, and why I am grateful I waited for the Banquet and did not settle for the Crumbs.

To Have, or Not To Have….Kids

“Are you going to have children?” This was a question posed by many well-meaning acquaintances approximately one second after our vows were exchanged. At the age of 43. That’s right. FORTY-THREE. It seemed everywhere we went as a couple, we were asked the same question. I was actually astounded. I can see 20 year olds getting that question, when the eggs are fresh… Read more →

Grapes and Wrath

Ahhhh…the wisdom of Nature to provide a needed giggle and remind us of a very critical thing that I think we can lose in marriage, certainly over the longer haul. As for the lesson in today’s breakfast grapes, I got the giggles when I pulled this malformed baby off the bunch and looked at it (see above). My husband looks… Read more →

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