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Pure.  When I ponder on the word “Pure”, I see in my mind’s eye newborn babies, puppies, bunnies, anything new , fresh and untainted as yet by the process of growing up and learning how to “Adult”. There are those we come in contact with in our lifetime, who are “pure-hearted”; those without guile, ulterior motive, or conditions for their love.… Read more →

Places I Find Peace

There are a few distinct places and landscapes where I and my husband find a soothing balm to the Soul. One of these places is the Ancient grounds of Red Rock Coulee, in Alberta, Canada. Just 40 minutes from our home city is this beautiful, magical spot. It is one of the few untainted places that remain rather pristine, and… Read more →


She Danced a Magical Dance

While enjoying a local Farmer’s Market one evening, I was entranced by this woman hula dancing. Surrounded by the aromas of smoked pulled pork, apple pies, homemade fudge and other delightful comestibles, was this magical dancer, inviting us in to her little space in the world for that specific moment. I am forever struck by the grace and beauty in her movements… Read more →

Seeing Things From All Sides

“It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view.” ― George Eliot, Middlemarch Sometimes in life, it becomes evident that, particularly as we age, we have become polarized in our viewpoints, and staunch defenders of our own opinions. We can fear the ideas or viewpoints that may differ from our own. My hope… Read more →

Ruminations on Time

Time – Let us all spend it doing things that give us Life, that edify our Spirits, and add Value to the Lives of those we meet. Life is short indeed.               Read more →

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