Category: The Hormonal Hijacker

Commentary on perimenopause, hormones, and trying to make peace with this stage of life

The Middle-Aged Body Composition (or…What the Hell Happened There?!)

It seems to me the older we get, the more foreign our bodies become to us, like aliens have taken over and we become victims of the elusive “body-snatchers”. We start to rethink those trappings of the young and lithe. Belly rings that once looked really cute, now resemble a rogue earring that has been dropped into a bowl of rising bread… Read more →

Understanding The Hormonal Hijacker

This last several years have been quite a ride, I must say (cue the Circus Music). I think I always suspected I was housing a Hormonal Hijacker (herein called The HH), as evidenced by the monthly characteristic moodiness for several days, and emotional instability prior to the monthly period. In the emotional life that I think of as my Airplane , the HH has always traditionally… Read more →

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