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The Prairie Girl and The Live Mussels: A Tale of Anxiety and Deliciousness

The anxiety began with The Dream I had the morning the shipped live mussels were to arrive: I am opening the huge box of live mussels, laying them out on the counter, and noticed some of them were dark green and mushy and smelled foul…in a panic I call the online order company and the lady on the phone says, “Oh the… Read more →

The Middle-Aged Body Composition (or…What the Hell Happened There?!)

It seems to me the older we get, the more foreign our bodies become to us, like aliens have taken over and we become victims of the elusive “body-snatchers”. We start to rethink those trappings of the young and lithe. Belly rings that once looked really cute, now resemble a rogue earring that has been dropped into a bowl of rising bread… Read more →

Grapes and Wrath

Ahhhh…the wisdom of Nature to provide a needed giggle and remind us of a very critical thing that I think we can lose in marriage, certainly over the longer haul. As for the lesson in today’s breakfast grapes, I got the giggles when I pulled this malformed baby off the bunch and looked at it (see above). My husband looks… Read more →

Old Men In Walk-In Waiting Rooms

So awhile ago, I needed to go to the Walk-In Clinic to obtain some kind of relief for a facial rash and puffy eyes and lips that had completely gotten out of control (I suspected and still do, that it is some kind of autoimmune-horrifying-response to the HRT I have been taking for almost a year now…more on that later).… Read more →

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